I was reading Belinda’s and Melinda post on WALT & WILF’s.

During my prac my school is very big on the WALT and WILF and students expect this to be outlined at the beginning and end of each lesson everyday.

WALT – refers to What are learning to

WILF – refers to What are we looking for

At the beginning of every lesson the students are given the WALT & WILF and my students had to record this and write it into their work books, all my lessons over my prac were based around the WALT & WILF. I found it very easy to pick up and use and I also found that it made my planning more smoothly overall.

At the end of each lesson we would refer back to the WALT & WILF ensuring that we had covered each aspect.

Another thing my school is very big on which I love is the I DO, WE DO, YOU DO (explicit teaching framework).

Combining both WALT, WILF and the explicit teaching framework made my teaching experience very enjoyable and pleasant.

There are many different approaches schools like to adapt but I have found that the WALT & WILF along with the I DO, WE DO, YOU DO very effective and its something I will be adapting to within my teaching pedagogy.



ABC reading eggs and Mathletics



During my prac I have observed my students using ABC Reading eggs and Mathematics.

These two programs are the only programs my students get to use as time on computers is very hard and limited with only 9 computers between two classrooms.

I am pretty sure we have all heard of Mathletics but if you don’t then here is an outline.

Mathletics is used by over 10,000 schools and 3.5 millions students, the program has over 1000 learning activities and caters for students aged from 5 years old to 18 years. Teachers can set pacific tasks for their students and produce weekly reports on progress on each student. The program is fun and very interactive and provides additional support to students with concepts and skills.

ABC reading eggs is aimed at lower to mid school age students, its a program which fosters an individual students reading skills and comprehension. There are 120 learning levels which provides worlds for students to interactive with reading and writing activities and this will help students with positive attitudes about reading and learning for life.

Both programs have a yearly fee attached however at my school where I am doing prac, each parent pays only $10 per child and they have access to both Mathletics and reading eggs.

These programs are well worth checking out and perhaps incorporating into our future classrooms.

SafeShare TV



A few days ago while I was gathering resources for my science lesson I needed to incorporate a YouTube clip on Energy chains to my class but needed to ensure it was safe and it was stripped of advertising. I came accross Shelly161 blog talking about SafeShare.TV.

This is a wonderful tool to use especially for teachers working in a classroom setting, The site is really easy to use, all I had to do was place my YouTube clip on Energy chains URL link into SafeShare.TV and BANG, it removed all the advertising from the clip. SafeShare also allows you to crop the videos should you need to in a safe way.

Thank-you Shelly161 for sharing this, I certainly found it very useful and worthwhile.

Week one prac report


Well I have completed my first week on prac with year 6’s.

The students in my class are fantastic, I am really blessed to have such a great bunch of kids to work with. ICT’s are not so good in the classroom, we only have 9 computers which are shared between two classrooms, there is an IWB but the teacher is having issues with the software, so I have not been able to use the IWB as yet.

At the beginning of the week I did observations, during these couple of days I got to know all the students in the class, observe teaching styles and strategies and learnt classroom routines and transitions.

By day three I was doing most of the transitions throughout the day such as bring them into the classroom in the morning, after break times, taking them to music, PE and library. Day four I did my first lesson with a one hour science lesson, my lesson was on Energy transformations, the lesson went well and the students seemed to be engaged with the content. I was happy with my mentors feedback on how my lesson went which gave me a boost of confidence. Day five my mentor was away and I had a very nice supply teacher in the class, I ran the students spelling and dictation tests and checked off homework and then we played sport for most of the afternoon.

Going into week 2, I will be teaching maths all week, the topic is square and triangle numbers….. I must say that this is unfamiliar territory for me so I am spending the weekend getting prepared with lesson plans and resources. I will also be taking both grade 6 classes for fitness next week, this are three half hour sessions the year 6’s do first thing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, taking these sessions will be challenge for me with organizing 60 students and controlling it all.

Well that’s it from me for this week, that is 5 days prac completed with 10 days to go..

I must say that I cant wait to have my own class, I am just itching to get my Degree completed so I can run my own classroom!!!!!!!!

Happy prac’s everyone…..

Anti-bullying rap message


I am sure most of you may have already seen this video, however if you haven’t then this is a must see.
Two young boys from Britain went on Britain’s Got Talent and performed a rap song which brought the entire stadium to their feet. The song was written by the two young boys and it tells a story of one of the boys experiences he had with bullying.
This is a powerful performance, my daughter said that this video was shown to her year 6 class at school as a part of their devotions, the devotions is a program that teaches students about feelings, what is right and wrong, making the right choices and what someone’s actions can do to a person.

You may need to grab your tissues for this as I did, being a mother myself I felt a sense of pride, and I also thought that this video would be a great one to use in the classroom as it sends a powerful message to students through the use of ICT’s.

For more information on anti-bullying go to http://bullyingnoway.gov.au/




I have finally completed the four modules on cybersmart. There was alot of the information I already knew which was great. 

I really enjoyed looking through all the resource’s that are available for teachers, students and parents, I never knew there was such a wide range of resources available.

I myself have attended a cybersaftey parent information night at my daughters school, In my opinion these information sessions the schools offer are crucial for parents to attend as I gained a lot of information from it, we also had an police offer attend the information session whom was able to address parents with any concerns or answer any questions parents had.

As a pre-service teacher this website is a valuable one to have as it provides such a wide range of resources and information we can use no matter which year level we are teaching. With technology being part of our everyday lives it is essential that they are educated so they can be aware of any potential risks or harms that may come their way.

It would be interesting to know how many teachers out there incorporate cybersaftey into their lessons today and how many actually know about the cybersaftey website and the resources that are available for them to use.  

If you haven’t done the modules or checked out the site please make sure you do, especially before you begin your professional experience.


Professional experience prep


Professional experience is just around the corner…….

After finally finding out which school and class I would be doing for my professional experience I quickly arranged to meet-up with my mentor and now I can begin to thinking of suitable ideas I could do with my age range.

I have located a year 6, to be honest my heart sank with the thought of teaching year 6 and I am kind off crapping my pants.

After talking to many fellow students and meeting my mentor, my fears were quickly depressed as I feel like I have a great support network with fellow students and my mentor. Both students and my mentor assured me that year 6’s are quite fun to teach and assured me that I would have a pleasant time during my stay. I am now starting to feel excited and now the preparation of paper work begins.

So these are the things I need to do before I begin prac.

2 – Print all the necessary booklets, documents, papers I need from EDC3100

3 – Print some blank lesson plans

4 – Look at joining the learning centre

5 – Prepare prac folder and observations sheets

6 – Prepare an introduction letter (for the students to take home)

7 – Print any year 6 Australian Curriculum documents

8 – Have a look at some resources I can use for year 6 and have a look at some website for games, videos, information ect

My fellow bloggers, please let me know if I have forgotten something here, it is quite easy to oversee something during prac prep and assignments.

I begin my prac next week, week beginning 12th, I look forward to seeing some of you sharing your ideas during prac on Facebook or blogs and I look forward to reading some of your experiences during prac and catching up on those Facebook status.

Online shopping is the phenomenal


Came across an article from ABC news in relation to online ‘shopping and smart phone’s.

The article stated that in June 2013 Australia had just tipped the 50% mark for the first time with the amount of people shopping online in Australia. This is a 12% increase from the previous year. Smartphones have played a significant role in this increase as there has been a massive 101% jump in smartphone shopping over the last year. Smartphone are fantastic as people can shop from anywhere and don’t need to go home and jump online using a PC to shop. Business are cashing in and they will tend to be very successful if they offer both online and retail shops as-well as that crucial fantastic app.

For me personally I don’t shop a lot online other than holidays, flights or leisure purchases. I like to go to the retails store and grab all the bargains as it is these bargains you cannot get online.

If 50% of Australians are shopping online now imagine what will the figures be link in another 2 years or so. Can you just imagine were technologies will take our children in the next decade? How will they be shopping?? Will there be such a thing as shopping centres in decades to come… who knows!!!!!


Has our technology gone to far


This video has gone viral with over 7 million hits.
It is a must watch. This media we call social is anything but, when we open our computers and it’s our doors we shut… This is one of the most vital messages that you need to hear and share.

Look Up is a video put together for the “online” generation. Written, performed and directed by Gary Turk, it is an extremely important life lesson for our youth. It seems that today children are growing up in a world where everything is done via text message or over the internet and it seems rare that children are playing outside or communicating with their friends face to face.

I guess as a teacher there is such a push for ICT’s to be a part of everyday lives that we would need to ensure that we educate our students that ICT’s does not need to take over our lives, we need students to understand that it is also important that we have face to face communication and human social interaction.

A must watch and please feel free to share this with your friends.

Australian curriculum lessons



Are you looking for some resources for professional experiences?

I came across this site called Australian curriculum lessons.

This site is fantastic as it offers a wide range of lesson plans which caters for a large age range going from foundation years right up to year 10. The areas / subjects in which lessons include are Mathematics, English, Science, History and Arts. It even provides lesson plans for special needs students ranging from visual or hearing impaired to ADHD or autism.

All lesson plans have been posted from school teachers around the country and each lesson provides details for each lesson, assessment, links to videos and resources and how it links to the Australian Curriculum.

It a fantastic site which will provides us with some fantastic ideas that we can use in the classroom coming into professional experience in the next few weeks.

Make sure you check it out.