Australian curriculum lessons



Are you looking for some resources for professional experiences?

I came across this site called Australian curriculum lessons.

This site is fantastic as it offers a wide range of lesson plans which caters for a large age range going from foundation years right up to year 10. The areas / subjects in which lessons include are Mathematics, English, Science, History and Arts. It even provides lesson plans for special needs students ranging from visual or hearing impaired to ADHD or autism.

All lesson plans have been posted from school teachers around the country and each lesson provides details for each lesson, assessment, links to videos and resources and how it links to the Australian Curriculum.

It a fantastic site which will provides us with some fantastic ideas that we can use in the classroom coming into professional experience in the next few weeks.

Make sure you check it out.


About sfaulds

I am married with three children, one girl and twin boys. I'm currently studying fulltime completing Bachelor of Education primary degree. Melbourne and have been living in Brisbane for 7 years. Between juggling family, school and life everything can be quite a challenge but I am working towards achieving my goals and doing my best I can achieve.

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  2. Wow Sharnel, what a wonderful resource you have found and it is Australian that make it even better as it directed at our curriculum. This site will be one that I will look into for my practicum. We are always on the look out for wonderful sites to build our resources. I noticed there are unit plans which will be great when we are qualified teachers. This will take help with planning, why reinvent the wheel when it has been done for you.

    As these lesson and unit plans have been developed by teachers they would have trialled them first and ironed out any problems.

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