Anti-bullying rap message


I am sure most of you may have already seen this video, however if you haven’t then this is a must see.
Two young boys from Britain went on Britain’s Got Talent and performed a rap song which brought the entire stadium to their feet. The song was written by the two young boys and it tells a story of one of the boys experiences he had with bullying.
This is a powerful performance, my daughter said that this video was shown to her year 6 class at school as a part of their devotions, the devotions is a program that teaches students about feelings, what is right and wrong, making the right choices and what someone’s actions can do to a person.

You may need to grab your tissues for this as I did, being a mother myself I felt a sense of pride, and I also thought that this video would be a great one to use in the classroom as it sends a powerful message to students through the use of ICT’s.

For more information on anti-bullying go to


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